How to Change Your Reality Using Quantum Physics?

How to Change Your Reality Using Quantum Physics

Exploring how thoughts shape our reality led me to discover the idea which explains how to change your reality using Quantum Physics. As a pragmatic person, I’ve embraced this concept, and now, I am sharing this life-altering science with you.

Let’s understand the basis of our perceived reality.

Reality is often perceived as a static construct, unalterable and fixed. However, delving into the realms of quantum physics unveils a profound truth: the very nature of reality is far more fluid and malleable than commonly believed. Understanding quantum physics provides a pathway to redefining and reshaping the reality we experience.

Introduction to Quantum Physics and Reality

Since the very beginning, understanding the connection between mind and matter has been a debate among philosophers. In the 17th century, mathematician and philosopher René Descartes introduced the idea of the universe functioning under predictable laws.

He played a dual role, arguing that the complexities of the mind fell under the realm of religion because the mind doesn’t operate under any laws. However, when it came to the study of matter, it was solely a subject of science as it could be predicted.

His ideas found favor with Sir Isaac Newton. The implication was that if the world operates mechanically, then the human mind has no influence; our thoughts wouldn’t affect any situation.

Don’t you think that if we have no control over our lives, we’re left as victims of some cosmic power?

This is where my favorite hero comes in – ‘because he saved us from being a victim…’ Sir Albert Einstein. He presented his energy-mass equation, which essentially dismantled Newton’s dualistic concept by stating that mass (matter) and energy (mind) are so interconnected that they are interchangeable.

That is how a new field of science emerged, called “Quantum Physics”.

Quantum physics, a field delving into the fundamental building blocks of the universe, reveals that at the subatomic level, particles exhibit behaviors that disobey classical physics.

It simply means that particles behave like matter and energy.

This realm is governed by probabilities, uncertainties, and entanglements, challenging our conventional perceptions.

The Connection Between Quantum Physics and Reality

At the heart of quantum mechanics lies the principle of superposition, where particles exist in multiple states simultaneously until observed.

Scientists have noted that they can measure certain physical properties of particles; however, their mass is so small that it seems nonexistent in some way.

The observer effect posits that the act of observation brings an electron into this time-space reality. This implies that an electron remains in an energetic field until someone intends to observe it.

This phenomenon is termed the ‘collapse of the wave function’ or the ‘observer effect’ in quantum physics.

collapse of the wave function or the observer effect in quantum physics
An electron appears as a solid particle in one moment and disappears in the next moment

Do you see where this is heading?

Yes, our thoughts or intentions indeed possess the power to alter our reality, and we aren’t merely victims of our circumstances.

I could hardly sleep when I first learned about this. And sharing this information with others excites me just as much as it did back then…

Shifting Perspectives: Changing Your Reality

So think for a moment that everything in this world is made of sub-atomic particles, which we just learned remain in the form of energy until someone puts an intention upon them. Right?

Thus we can say that everything in this three-dimensional reality already has its potential in the energy field too.

In simple words, if we can visualize an event based on our desires that event is already present in the quantum field, and all it needs to appear in this reality is our true intention.

This is the new knowledge where we can use our minds to transform anything in our wildest imagination into a physical realm called three-dimensional reality.

We are capable of being wealthy, healthy, and prosperous in other dimensions(quantum field of energy) and all it needs is a dedication to do be, or have anything.

Applying quantum principles in daily life involves adopting a new mindset. Visualization, a technique endorsed by quantum physics, becomes a potent tool in manifesting desired outcomes.

By visualizing and feeling the desired reality, one aligns their consciousness with the universe’s possibilities.

Applying Quantum Mechanics Techniques

The law of attraction, often associated with quantum entanglement, suggests that our thoughts and emotions can attract similar energies from the universe, shaping our reality.

You can think of the presence of potentials in a quantum field like clay, and all these potentials are waiting for an observer (You & me) to cause them to transform into the physical world called an experience of our life.

Intention setting and then maintaining an elevated emotion becomes a catalyst for quantum leaps, allowing individuals to navigate toward their envisioned reality.

Practical Steps to Change Your Reality

Combining thought and feeling is the sole means of communication with the quantum field. Our thoughts produce electrical signals, evidenced by brain scans displaying impulses detected by an EEG device.

Our state of being is shaped by thoughts coupled with the associated emotions. Repeated thoughts and emotions influence our choices, which, in turn, dictate behaviors that contribute to shaping our personality.

This personality emits a signal into the quantum field, attracting more of what aligns with it.

Mindfulness practices assist in molding reality by consciously directing thoughts and emotions. Developing awareness of thoughts, emotions, and actions empowers individuals to manifest the reality they desire.

However, if this seems easy, why do we struggle to change?

It’s because our current personality is programmed in our unconscious mind, which governs 95% of our daily activities, while the desired personality resides in the conscious mind.

To access the mind’s operating system and introduce new programs, dedication to the ‘M’ word is essential.

Meditation slows down our brain activity, inducing a hypnotic rhythm. Practicing to generate new ideas during this state of consciousness can initiate profound changes in our lives.

When our mind and body align to become the person we envision as our future selves, note this: the universe will unfold new experiences for us in surprising ways beyond our wildest guesses.

This is the beauty of quantum reality—you don’t need to go anywhere to create a new life; it comes to you when you broadcast your thoughts and feelings as one coherent signal.

The Role of Gratitude in Manifesting What We Desire

Ask yourself, when do we feel grateful in our daily lives?

You might say it’s when we receive something or when we appreciate what we already possess.

Thoughts are the language of our mind, while emotions are the language of our body. When we believe we are deserving of something significant, our accompanying emotion should be gratitude.

Gratitude represents the ultimate state of receiving. The sensation of being grateful signals the body that it has already attained what it desires.

After that, you don’t search for change; you BECOME the change you desire.

Challenges and Misconceptions

Navigating this paradigm shift faces hurdles, including misconceptions about quantum principles.

Thoughts + Emotions = Desired Result

We often hear that maintaining a positive mindset or thinking positively will yield positive results. However, we often observe that those who advocate for this are among the most miserable in their life and relationships.

This is because merely staying positive with just a 5% conscious mind isn’t adequate to generate an electrical signal in the quantum field. Feelings play a vital role in this process.

As discovered by the HeartMath Institute in California, when we experience negative emotions such as pain, hate, resentment, or lack, our heart impulses become irregular.

If you’re thinking positively but feeling incongruently, your state of being lacks harmony, making it challenging to bring about change.

The biggest challenge we face is aligning our mind and body into one cohesive state of being.

However, despite the challenges, there have always been individuals who successfully transformed themselves into a new personality and consequently experienced a new reality.

Not Believing In the Quantum Reality

Another reason we might struggle to change ourselves or attain new outcomes could be our lack of belief in the quantum reality, unlike our strong belief in this three-dimensional reality.

Overcoming skepticism and doubts requires a balanced understanding and open-mindedness toward new possibilities.

Case Studies

Numerous individuals, including myself, have taken this information and applied it to themselves, fully committing to releasing what holds them back from becoming healthy or wealthy individuals.

Watch the heartfelt story of Tom- How He Changed His Personality and Received the Ultimate Wealth
Watch Laurie’s Transformative Journey from Being Diagnosed as Incurable to Being Cancer Free


Quantum physics offers a transformative lens through which we perceive and interact with reality.

By embracing its principles and integrating them into daily life, individuals can actively participate in shaping their reality, unlocking boundless potential and possibilities.


  1. Is quantum physics accessible to everyone for reality shifting? Quantum principles apply universally, but understanding and applying them requires learning and practice.
  2. Can changing reality through quantum physics have negative consequences? It’s crucial to approach reality shifting with positive intentions and ethical considerations to avoid unintended consequences.
  3. How long does it take to see changes in reality using quantum techniques? Results vary, and the time taken depends on various factors, including consistency and belief in the process. if you keep doing the practice of meditation regularly, 8-10 weeks are required to see some significant changes.
  4. Are there scientific proofs of reality shifts through quantum principles? While empirical evidence is evolving, anecdotal experiences and studies indicate the potential of quantum principles in reality shifting.
  5. Can everyone alter reality using quantum physics, or does it require special skills? While everyone has the potential, mastering quantum techniques may require dedication and practice to yield significant changes.

I hope this has helped you gain a deeper understanding of how to change your reality using Quantum Physics. I’ll be sharing more about this in upcoming blogs.

Feel free to share your thoughts or experiences in the comments section, and I would love to engage in a conversation with you!

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