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Welcome! If you’re here, you’ve likely sensed the resonance between life’s profound lessons and the intricacies of the human mind. This is the story of a 25-year-old on a profound journey through life’s complexities, sharing insights, wisdom, and the fusion of psychology, and quantum physics with everyday experiences on this platform – getmindfulnow.com.

Introduction: A Glimpse into the Journey

From the tumultuous whirlwind of life emerged a story marked by challenges, resilience, and a pursuit of understanding. It’s not just a tale; it’s an invitation to connect, learn, and grow together.

Early Years: Facing Challenges

In the formative years, life was a canvas splattered with unexpected hues. It wasn’t just adversity; it was the unexpected teacher.

When I started understanding things around me, my family was always fighting. I never had a carefree childhood moment. It was always this fear that my parents would start arguing any time.

Then the challenges took the next level; my parents got separated, and I became kind of homeless.

Things got worse as my parents split up, and suddenly I didn’t have a proper home. Growing up was tough. I never really had friends because I didn’t know how to have a normal friendship.

Then, my dad passed away, making things even harder. In our culture, usually, moms get child support when parents split, but when the dad died…it also stopped.

Living with my mom was tough too. She had a lot of problems and it made everything even more difficult.

I didn’t have any support from anyone. But I did believe in something bigger, some kind of higher power or God, whatever you want to call it.

Along with all of this, I suffered from many medical and psychological conditions like hypothyroidism, fibrocysts, PCOS, PMDD, and many more which I will explain in coming blogs.

These experiences etched the first strokes of a resilient spirit and an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

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Becoming a Student of Life

Life’s journey isn’t a straight road. It’s a collection of twists and turns, moments that demand introspection, and opportunities to evolve.

It would be more accurate, that there is always a student inside of every child but when these kinds of experiences one faces either they get broken or become unbreakable.

My case is obvious, with a lot of breaks I kept my formal education going as reading books and learning new concepts was my way of escaping from reality.

Through pivotal moments and hardships emerged the student of life, eager to embrace every lesson.

Pursuing Quantum Physics: The Journey Begins

Driven by a passion for unraveling the complexities of the mind, pursuing quantum physics became a natural choice.

Before choosing Quantum Physics, Psychology, and Neuroscience, I initially opted for Computer Studies because everyone believed it was a safe career. However, I soon realized that I needed something that could help me overcome my miserable state too in addition to a career.

However, my academic journey not only presented academic challenges but also a deeper understanding of human behavior and how intricate our thoughts and emotions are.

Growth through Adversity

The storms of life have a unique way of sculpting character.

Studying, working part-time to pay fees and support my family, struggling to be normal with so much physical pain because of different reasons, facing tricky relationships that turned out to be toxic, and dealing with a narcissistic parent at home was no walk in the park…


Navigating personal traumas wasn’t just survival; it was a metamorphosis, birthing resilience, empathy, and an unyielding spirit.

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The Birth of getmindfulnow.com

This platform is not just a digital space; it’s a vision nurtured by experiences, passions, and a desire to share the wealth of knowledge gathered through storms and serenity alike.

The aim is to create a sanctuary for seekers of wisdom, insight, and growth.

Philosophy and Approach

Intertwining life’s experiences with the fabric of Quantum physics, Psychology this space adopts a holistic lens toward well-being. It’s not just about theories and concepts; it’s about the application of wisdom in everyday life.

Sometimes, sharing our personal experiences and the lessons we learn from them can help others who may face similar situations.

Sharing Scientific Knowledge and Pure Wisdom

Expect a diverse spectrum of topics – from unraveling the intricacies of human behavior to practical tips for nurturing mental well-being using the concepts of quantum reality.

The approach? Engaging, informative, and tailored to resonate with you.

Inviting You on the Journey

This isn’t a solitary expedition; it’s an invitation for you to join the voyage. . .

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Engage, share, learn, and grow. Let’s foster a community bound by a collective pursuit of understanding, empathy, and personal evolution.

And there you have it—a window into the narrative that shapes getmindfulnow.com. This isn’t just an “About Me” page; it’s an introduction to a journey—a journey we embark on together, seeking wisdom, understanding, and growth amidst life’s chaos and beauty. Welcome aboard!

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